Apollo ~ Modern Art Painting by Ellie

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The Power of Line and Color
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Apollo - Modern Art Painting by Ellie

Medium: Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas
Dimensions: 30" x 48"
Description: This painting is about powerful, graceful linework given motion by vibrant, captivating color. The subject is figurative yet weighted with a visually engaging line of action. The sunflowers establish a starting point for the eye, anchor the piece and lead the eye into an exploration of the rest of the piece -first moving up along the arm and up along the neck, following the subject's gaze down to the sun and then falling down along the graceful curve of the body like a waterfall. This creates a peaceful and relaxed, yet interested and engaged state. Then the energy begins to expand as the deep red, orange and yellows radiate like fire from the body. But then, it is as if it envelops you and brings you back into the peacfulness of the lighter, cooler central form. The subject is inspired by the desire to paint the Greek God, Apollo, in a new, more figurative and stylized way.
Date: 1993
Price: $1,560